Announcements, apologies, and great things to come.

  Over two years since the first blog. So much for writing one a week.

  Unfortunately, this probably won’t be a continuation of the first one, more of a digression and explanation as to where we have been.

  What I can tell you is that we have been busy, very busy.

Along with the many hours we spend designing, developing, and manufacturing engines for the many race teams we support, we have also been busy trying to fill orders to the many web sales we have made. And to add to that, in the background we have been working with many car builders and car manufacturers on production projects.

Our team has grown, and our skills with it.

Our next hire will probably be a marketing/business development/media role. Our biggest downfall is our inability to get back to everyone that contacts us (we are engineers first, email-repliers second). But with adding more members to our team, we will soon be able to spend more time keeping in touch with our many current and new customers (this is our way of apologising for a lack of communication with you!)


All this is great… but there has been an even bigger project we have been working on, and a very time consuming one at that. We have partnered with a rock-star of the car design world, and are building our own engine from scratch, most of the design and development is done, but there is still a lot of work to do.

  I can’t say too much about it just yet, but over the coming weeks and months we will start to release more information. It will hand’s down be the coolest project we have ever done, and perhaps one of the coolest projects ever done (in our opinions anyway).

 Our internal design brief for the new engine is, ‘Be cool as F##K’.

We obviously want it to perform well too, so there is a fair amount of effort being put in on all fronts.


Stand by, there will be updates, more members being added to our team, and very soon our own engine.

Hartley Engines, the New Zealand based OEM engine manufacturer (got a nice ring to it).